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Tickets for the local transportation network are valid for all means of transport within Vienna (Zone 100), like underground, tram, bus, and train. They are available at the Vienna Transport Authority’s ticket offices (at main stations of the underground), at ticket vending machines (at all underground stations). Many tickets are also available at tobacconists. Single tickets can be bought at vending machines inside the tram and from bus drivers. Most tickets (except weekly and monthly ticket) have to be stamped in the blue punching boxes before boarding the underground or inside trams and busses to validate them. Further information you can find on www.wienerlinien.at


Single Trip Ticket / Einzelfahrschein2,20
Single Trip Ticket /Einzelfahrschein
bought on tram/bus
Vienna Shopping Card / Wiener Einkaufskarte
valid for one day (Mo–Sa) from 8am–8pm



24 Hours Ticket7,60
48 Hours Ticket13,30
72 Hours Ticket
valid for exacly 24,48 or 72 hours from the validation
Vienna Card (additional discounts and benefits in shops, restaurants and mueums)
48 hours from validation21,90
72 hours from validation24,90
Weekly Ticket / Wochenkarte
valid for 1 week, starting only on Monday, until next Monday 9am

Monthly Ticket / Monatskarte

valud from the 1st day of the month until the second day of the following month (included)

8-Day Climate Ticket / 8-Tage-Klimakarte
valid for any eight days, not necessarily consecutive. Simply punch one strip of the ticket each day you want to use it.

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